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Google: 6 Reasons Why Nobody Uses Your App


I assume these insights about user engagement — or a lack thereof — are the result of Google’s research into why Google+ sucks.

The article doesn’t say.

With that in mind, they are decent tips about why people may not be spending lots of time using your app.

These particular pieces of advice go against a lot of the “lean” type methodologies that are popular right now — correctly — and it’s worth skimming through the article so you remember that launching a quick-and-dirty version in 6 weeks isn’t the only way to do an app.

It only becomes ironic when you realize that these tips are probably the issues Google runs into most often themselves.

Learn from the failures of others!

8 Ways Employers Make Their Employees Miserable


  1. You have not set a clear purpose for the company.
  2. They don’t feel like they make a difference. 
  3. You don’t really care about them. 
  4. You aren’t interested in their careers.
  5. They don’t feel appreciated.
  6. Your expectations are unrealistic.
  7. You don’t allow them to focus. 
  8. You don’t let them recharge.

Learn how you can improve your workplace on OPEN Forum’s “8 Reasons Why Your Employees Hate Their Jobs (and How to Change It)


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